Toddles in play space looking out window

“Teaching our children has many similarities to growing a garden. Each child has his or her own unique beauty and needs. A great gardener knows how to nurture each plant, just as you have treated each child individually in response to his or her unique needs. We especially appreciate that fact as we have two very different children who have thrived at The Little School. We will never forget you.”

Mary and Jeff (parents)

Our Toddler Program

Maximum group size of 8 full time toddlers
Ages 12 months to 33 months
Ratio of 1 staff to 4 toddlers
Weekly Themes
Daily Schedules
Music Program
Yoga Program
Outdoor play space and stroller rides weather permitting.
Light, clean, organized spacious environments

Toddler playing in yard toddle playing with water toddlers learning in play space